Showcasing Turkmen women artisans’ work

USAID, the Smithsonian Institution and the United States Department of Commerce’s Commercial Law Development Program collaborated to create the “Lookbook of Central Asian Women Artisans.” The book aims to showcase craftsmanship of Central Asian women to the world and to expand their commercial opportunities. The publication notes that women artisans not only make income through their craft but also safeguard local, national, and regional history and cultural legacy.

It features eleven women artisans from Turkmenistan who produce diverse crafts. Below are the names, brief description and Instagram accounts of these female artists from Turkmenistan.

  1. Sheker Akiniyazova leads Art Keshde studio where they specialize in handmade Turkmen embroidery to produce clothing, home decor, jewelry, paintings and carpets. Their Instagram accounts are: @artstudio_keshde and @designbysheker.
  2. Kumysh Baymuradova is a professional designer producing tablecloths, runners, placemats, and napkins. She sources locally produced Turkmen cotton fabric and hand-made silk keteni fabric. Her Instagram account is: @kekene_store.
  3. Irina Dorofeyeva is a self-taught artist specialized in beadwork. She creates beaded decorations in the national style by hand including wearable jewelry and large traditional pendants. Her Instagram account is: @diy_jewelry_by_dia.
  4. Akmaral Garayeva creates handmade dolls in national Turkmen clothing and decorated with hand-embroidered small jewelry and accessories. Her Instagram account is: @dolls.akmaral.
  5. Shasenem Garlyyeva at Unique Camel Wool Workshop creates handmade textiles and home goods using locally sourced fibers including camel wool, silk, and cotton. Her Instagram account is: @unique_camelwool.
  6. Jeren Gurbanova is a professional designer working with stained glass painting to create wall clocks inspired by national embroideries and custom projects for stained glass windows, ceilings, niches and doors. Her Instagram account is: @turkmen_ar1.
  7. Tajigul Gurbanova is an artist leading the “Design Plus” group. They specialize in Turkmen felting techniques to create home decor, jewelry and accessories using alaja and hand embroidery. Tajigul also paints Turkmen ancient headdresses and clothing.
  8. Oguljennet and Maya Kemjayevs are a mother-daughter team who create jewelry, handbags, hair accessories, and other unique items inspired by Turkmen embroidery traditions. Their Instagram account is: @bagtlyja_bezegler.
  9. Leyli Khaidova designs chapans, shirts, dresses, and shoes using locally produced fabrics such as keteni. Leila uses an environmentally friendly, waste-free approach to materials and making. Her Facebook is: Leyli Khaidova.
  10. Anna Saparova set up her studio in 2016 and designed over 50 different handbags and accessories reflecting national symbols and colors. Her pieces are handmade using national embroidery, keteni and patchwork. Her Instagram account is: @saparovanna.

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