Progres Foundation

Progres Foundation (“Progres” with one “s” as in the Turkmen language) is a non-profit organization based in the United States that supports various progressive initiatives that contribute to understanding of social realities and to shaping a new vision and approaches to sustainable human development in Turkmenistan. Progres Foundation’s activities consist primarily of informing and educating the public in Turkmenistan with an emphasis on free access to information and critical thinking by engaging with Turkmen nationals around the world.

Progres Foundation brings together interdisciplinary experts, scholars and practitioners many of whom are Turkmens to perform research and develop content around sustainable human development, institution building, and public participation in Turkmenistan. Topics focus on a wide range of developmental issues, including public health, social policy, economic policy, environmental policy, culture and technology.

What we do

Progres Foundation serves as a creative hub for people from Turkmenistan and the diaspora by supporting skills development and educational programs that offer innovative solutions to societal problems.

There are two flagship informational portals established by Progres Foundation. has been working to improve public health literacy in Turkmenistan over the last 12 years, including becoming a leading source of COVID-19 information in the Turkmen is an online analytical journal that promotes nuanced understanding of the societal trends in Turkmenistan by providing quality research and policy analysis. was launched in June 2020. Our content reaches the public in Turkmenistan and Turkmen diaspora around the world.

Progres Foundation offers fellowships and internships in partnership with various international policy institutions and organizations to Turkmen nationals to grow the professional capacity of civil society working on Turkmenistan.


Turkmen nationals are not passively observing what is taking place in the country. They cooperate and act to understand and solve problems in their society by thinking, writing and advocating. This is why the majority of contributors to Progres are Turkmen nationals. When our values match we show solidarity to other groups working in and outside of Turkmenistan. Progres Foundation promotes nonviolence, strategic planning and solidarity in its work and engagement with various organizations.

Our purpose

Progres Foundation educates and engages with nationals of Turkmenistan to develop inclusive and innovative initiatives to foster the well-being of Turkmen communities.

Our values

Progress. We move forward, not dwelling on the past but reflecting on it and planning and preparing for the future.

Innovation. We believe that modern knowledge and progressive traditions can help address a host of societal problems in Turkmenistan.

Diversity. We work with Turkmen nationals and diaspora who care about their country and who speak many languages. We gain our strength from diversity.

Respect. When we disagree, we agree to disagree with respect as we are working toward our shared goal of progress.

Participation. Complaining about state of affairs without active participation in the institution building process is not constructive.

Community. We follow a Turkmen tradition of being a respectful and caring neighbor. We highly value the Progres’s online and offline community’s input and engagement. Please join us!

Our impact

  • Over 2,000 articles, creative infographics on public health issues, gender equality, sexual and reproductive health, sexuality education at
  • We have translated two large community public health manuals and developed 15 health brochures.
  • Bilim app is the first period tracker app in the Turkmen language that provides both health and human rights information to women and girls in Turkmenistan
  • Dymma! is a campaign against gender-based violence where readers share their stories.
  • and have a sustained and growing presence on social media.
  • has over 200 articles explaining and analyzing the socio-economic developments in Turkmenistan. covers developments in Turkmenistan that go beyond geopolitics and pipeline developments.
  • Palaw Index is a food inflation tracker developed by a group of researchers.
  • runs a digital literacy campaign (Sow@tly) to inform and educate the public.
  • Progres Foundation helped seven Turkmen initiatives with mentorship and support to start and grow.
  • We translate and make available research and books by well-known authors, experts on Turkmenistan in the Turkmen language.

Partner with us!

Our network of experts and partners brings a deep understanding of local contexts, challenges, and opportunities in Turkmenistan. When possible, we provide technical and financial support to new initiatives that aim to improve public’s access to credible and independent analysis, research and information in Turkmenistan. Please contact us at

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