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Progres Foundation works to develop various progressive initiatives that help create a more informed Turkmen citizenry. has been working to improve public health literacy in Turkmenistan since 2009. is an online analytical journal that promotes more nuanced understanding of the societal trends in Turkmenistan by providing quality research and policy analysis.

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I support the work of Progres Foundation because it provides quality, objective and evidence-based insights into the realities of Turkmen people. At a time when it is easy to fall into ignorance, fear or downright apathy, Progres Foundation provides an alternative path to understanding and resolving societal challenges with a visionary outlook into the future. Writing for Progres Foundation gives me a glimpse of hope about the future of my country, of what is possible if policies were designed with people in mind and a sense of fulfillment by doing what I can and from where I am.

Writing for the Progres Foundation has been a deeply motivating journey that has allowed me to connect with essential issues facing Turkmenistan such as food inflation, dual exchange rate, and other economic policies impacting the lives of millions in the country. Being associated with an organization committed to producing research grounded in data and evidence is a source of great satisfaction for me. I take pride and fulfilment in my work at Progres Foundation, knowing that each contribution plays a part in shaping a brighter and progressive future for Turkmenistan.

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