Turkmenistan ranks 83 for its military strength: Not bad for a neutral country

Global Firepower (GFP) ranks 145 countries by their military strengths across land, sea, and air. It uses over 60 individual factors to determine a given country’s PowerIndex score with categories ranging from quantity of military units and financial resources to logistical capabilities and geography. The smaller values indicate a stronger conventional fighting capability. The top three countries in order of their military strengths include – the USA, Russia and China.

The website allows visitors to see comparable countries with similar fighting capabilities, to compare two countries based on their military power and to build coalitions by choosing all players for both sides in a hypothetical war scenario.

For 2024, Turkmenistan ranked 83 of 145 countries. Central Asian countries ranked as follows:

  • 58. Kazakhstan;
  • 65. Uzbekistan;
  • 83. Turkmenistan;
  • 100. Kyrgyzstan;
  • 107. Tajikistan.

This annual defense review provides an overview of Turkmenistan’s military power by evaluating its financial, human and natural resources as well as technological capabilities. Turkmenistan ranks ‘excellent’ on categories such as external debt (2/145 countries) and natural gas reserves (5/145 countries) while it ranks poorly on labor force (116/145 countries) which can directly affect the country’s wartime output of its military industry.

When comparing Turkmenistan to Kazakhstan, the region’s strongest military power, the two countries have similar land power – military vehicles and equipment. Turkmenistan ranks significantly lower than Kazakhstan in its manpower – active and reserve military personnel, and performs slightly better than Kazakhstan in financial and naval power.

In 1995, Turkmenistan declared a policy of permanent neutrality following the adoption of a resolution by the UN General Assembly.

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